Consultation Services
Corporate Secretarial

We have more than twenty (20) years of experience in this line. We had been involved in numerous corporate manoeuvres, which ranges from routine required filings and meetings to corporate takeovers, mergers and restructuring schemes, and involved in various exercises ranging from listing procedures and corporate recovery to voluntary winding up of companies.

Our service of Corporate Secretarial is:-

  1. Acting as the appointed secretary of the Company
  2. Advisory services on corporate restructuring, mergers and takeover compliance
  3. To table and put to effect shareholder & directors required meetings
  4. Advisory on Corporate Governance
  5. Incorporation of Companies
  6. Voluntary winding up of Companies


As a professional tax consultant for the past ten (10) years, we are not only to assist the company to comply with the reporting and tax submission to the relevant authorities but to extend the service as a tax negotiator on behalf of tax payer to negotiate with the government taxation authorities.

The services provide in taxation are:-

  1. Plan and forecast ahead to anticipate any further liabilities due to the tax authorities.
  2. Submission of CP204 / 204B and 207
  3. Applications for available Incentives
  4. Technical advisory on compliance with the Tax Act.
  5. Advisory services on tax planning

Management Consulting

We are acting as the authorized Company Consultant of companies; we cover attendance of meetings and providing an independent review and outsourcing of expertise for the management.

Our range of services includes:-

  1. Forecast & budgeting for Bank Loan Application
  2. Business Feasibility Study
  3. Internal Reorganization Review, Planning & Implementation
  4. Cash Flow Management Advisory
  5. Financial Consultancy & Planning
  6. Advisory on Listing Procedures and its implementation
  7. Total Administration Outsourcing
  8. Corporate Governance Review & Advisory

Accounts Auditing

The need for yearly audits has already been in effect since the Companies Act was enacted by Parliament. As such we provides the standard required audit services together with our review of any inherent weaknesses found which will be mentioned to the management as and when these inherent weaknesses are found.

The accounts auditing include:-

  1. Independent internal audits
  2. Internal control review and audit of control systems.
  3. Due diligence audits